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Aceflor Homogeneous flooring suitable for normal to heavy traffic areas: hospital, health care, restaurant, school.

Design& colors: Directional and Non-directional polychrome design, available in a large choice of colors
Abrasion resistance: T Group & P Group are available.
Structure: Polyurethane (PUR) surface treatment: ease of maintenance, nox wax for life & high stain resistance.
Densely compacted surface for improved wear and ease of maintenance.



• Anti-bacterial and fungicidal.
• 100% recyclable product made with more than 90% renewable resources (mineral quartz particles).
• Indoor air quality: low VOC emissions with No heavy metals.
• More than 10 years durable life.


Aceflor is a leading floor specialist, that manufactures and supplies sports and commercial flooring. We keep the up-to-date production technology, aim to offer a range of safe and healthy floors along with on time delivery, professional services and high customer satisfaction.

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